Affordable Places to Travel

Kuala Lumpur

As far as big cities go, Kuala Lumpur offers all of the excitement of Tokyo or Paris, at just a fraction of the cost.

Why so cheap? A combination of undervalued currency, low inflation rates, and subsidized oil costs keep prices down and tourism up.


This inexpensive travel secret won’t remain so for long, so get there while you can. With a romantic language, unbeatable cuisine, and tropical climate. why so cheap? Until recently Nicaragua was the sight of dangerous unrest, but is slowly gaining tourist’s favour now that political stability has been established.


If you are looking for the history of Greece and the ancient ruins of Rome, you’ll find plenty of both.

Why so cheap? Blame it on a historical preference for Greece that keeps Turkey the slightly less popular, and therefore a less expensive option.

Most travel companies offer outstanding savings when you book a holiday at the last minute, sometimes you can save 50% or more!

Travel with a Group. Often by purchasing multiple packages at once, you will be able to receive a discount from your travel company. Consider organising a trip or extended family, and save big.

Stay Domestic. We often overlook the great holiday destinations within our own country, but domestic travel can be both exciting and inexpensive.

Pick the Off Season. Plus, it may be easier to get time off from work if you holiday at a less popular time.

Ask for Discounts. Don’t be afraid to ask if you can have a better price. Although major airlines and travel companies are usually unwilling to barter, foreign hotels and tourist attractions may be able to provide you with a deal.

Stay outside Major Cities. Although there are definite benefits to staying right in the centre of the action, enjoy unexpected perks by selecting a hotel off the beaten path. For example, by staying in a smaller town outside of the major metropolitan area you will not only pay less for your accommodations.

Memories for life

Experiences are what stay with you, your emotions can change instantly with just the thought of that experience or place. If traveling with others, it cements a special bond with one another, these are the times you will always reflect upon and these special moments you will share for a lifetime.

I’ve been on many trips in my life, from a few days in Europe to months in Central America. I’ve stayed in high end hotels and I’ve backpacked and slummed it in hostels. I’ve scuba dived in the blue seas of Thailand and I’ve snowboarded down the mountains of the Alps. You get to meet so many different people from different cultures and it provides you with a whole new perspective on life, not only is there the sense of adventure but the exposure to a world outside of your own is what I love.

Everyone should make time to see the world once in a while, the benefits are invaluable. You will become enriched on so many levels, you’ll expand your mind and build a library of new experiences, and you will thank yourself for it in years to come.

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