Enjoying Beautiful Lake Wales on a Central Florida Vacation

Enjoying the scenery of Florida used to mean the oceanfront or Disney World. Today’s travelers want something more than a beach experience, and that’s exactly what Lake Wales provides. No matter what the budget or timeframe, travelers can easily plan an excellent vacation to this charming town.

Where to Stay On A Central Florida Vacation

There are many different options in Lake Wales. Perhaps the most famous is the Chalet Suzanne, a classic bed and breakfast inn also known for offering gourmet food. This retreat features rooms so uniquely appointed that they are Central Florida attractions even before considering that they are attached to Chalet Suzanne’s restaurant.

Others are located right downtown. In addition, travelers can find national hotel chains as well as local favorites throughout the Lake Wales area.

Central Florida Attractions – What To Do

Central Florida attractions in the area are numerous and varied. On the way into town, visitors often pass the Florida Cracker-style Grove House, run by Florida’s Natural Growers. This distinctive building is dedicated to all things citrus, but also features history and information about Lake Wales. The Lake Wales Art Center is a building dedicated entirely to celebrating visual. Once a church, it has now been converted into a museum, teaching space, and resonant performance theater in what was the main congregation hall.

Another of the many Central Florida attractions, the Depot Museum was once a train station but is now the main center for Lake Wales history and culture.

Initially designed as a bird sanctuary, this local landmark has expanded to include a beautiful carillon as well. There are Carillion performances daily, and the extensive gardens around the bell tower make it one of the Central Florida attractions that shouldn’t be missed. It is also very easy to wander and enjoy the downtown area. Visitors should be sure to check for any kind of special events like art shows, street fairs, or performances.

Visitors have been known to return year after year. Whether this is your first trip to the area, or your 10th, you’ll be sure to enjoy yourself.

Cheapest Flights to Florida

The state of Florida is located in the southeastern region of America. It is a popular holiday destination and tourist spot in America.

There are many exciting places to visit and explore in Florida. It is not just a place for kids; it is great family fun for everyone. A trip to Disney World should definitely not be missed if you are in Florida. The Universal Orlando is a popular resort with its own hotels and theme parks. There are plenty of options in Orlando for the budget minded traveler, and it is not necessary to spend too much money to make your trip exciting.

Florida is a state known for its beautiful beaches and sunny climate. It is a great idea to relax on the beach or enjoy a picnic with your family and friends. There are also many festivals that one can enjoy such as the Jazz festival or the Seafood festival. Key West is another destination which is a must see.

When planning a trip, the most important issue to keep in mind is the cost. It is essential to plan your trip so that it stays within your budget. If you are on a budget and want to travel to Florida, it can be very helpful to book a cheap flight as that can help you control your costs. In this way, you can afford to splurge on other things when you are in Florida and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.